Some recent Technical Questions and Answers

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Bio and questions and answers relating to the industry. (a must read!)

Beauty Shots? Glamour? Style?

Softbox v. Umbrella


OverPowering Daylight With Strobe

Lens Perspective. Distortion and the face.

2-3 Light Setups?

Exposure, Sharpness, and Processing

Gels, Filters and Good Color?


Focus, Shutter Speed, Focus techniques?

Canon E-ttl System and Speedlights

What can be done with Speedlites (Samples)

Firing Strobes with a Point and shoot Digital Camera

Noise, Blur, OOF Areas!

Brighten the eyes in photos and with Ringflash?

Lighting a background Evenly in Tight Spaces?

Lighting on black in tighet spaces, and Lighting a pool at night?

Tungsten Bulbs in Strobes?

Lighting Recommendations, and Brands

Colorspaces, Printing and Profiles?

DPI/PPI and web display?

18% or 12% ?

Did the Canon 1D Mark II and 1DS Mark II put an end to film?

What's in my speedlight kits?

7D First Look and Samples.

Canon 5D2 Video Control Work Arounds for Exposure and Iris.

Canon 5D Video clip Info from Photo Expo!

PODCAST INTERVIEW! Worth a listen!


A whole bunch of questions about me a recent article or two and some questions about the business from students that I have been answering and accumulating for a short while can be found here


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